Documentary Film

Immediately after Survivor Summit closes, follow Ellen Atkin (MK Ultra Girl) on a cross country road trip.

See her return for the first time to her birthplace (Montreal Canada), investigating and interviewing all the way along.

Watch Live Streaming, the making of the documentary film, Destroyed Lives.

Watch reactions to Walk With Us, the rally on Sept. 19th, 2020, Montreal.

Ellen Atkin edited the video of the first Rally in Ottawa, Oct. 6, 2019, of the Montreal Experiments Class Action Members and their supporters.

Your Support brings survivors and their families to this historic place at this historic moment in time.

Survivors of non consentual torture experiments performed at the Allan Memorial in Montreal by Dr. Ewen Cameron in the 50’s & 60’s are raising awareness for our class action lawsuit by staging a rally, Walk With Us, and making a documentary, Destroyed Lives, on Sept. 19th,  2020 at the Allan Memorial Hospital at McGill University in Montreal Quebec Canada.

Montreal Experiments Class Action Members  believe that by allying with like minded organizations, endorsers & influencers, we can spur the entrenched establishment (that still upholds systems that allow for medical crimes to pervade) to correct this abomination in our history.

The crimes that went on against ourselves & our families are the basis of many systems that continue to destroy lives today. Most mental health & law enforcement professionals have no clue that this went on.

How many more generations will suffer in silence at the hands of establishment approved, state sponsored torture? Montreal Experiments Class Action wants to bring our case to the public spotlight so that the survivors themselves may speak.

Too much suppression and narrative defining has dogged our cases for 50 years since the Church Committee Hearing in the US, and several no fault ex gratia payments made from the Canadian Government. 

Nobody went to jail. Nobody was punished. Victims were not properly compensated.

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