Lana Mills Sowchuck

I am the daughter of Ivor Mills. He who was told by the 

Asthma Clinic at the Royal Victoria Hospital at McGill University in Montreal Canada that if he went to the Allan Memorial Institute they would cure his asthma.

My father was admitted and readmitted to “the Allan” many times between 1953 and the mid 60’s

We are aware that my father received 54 high voltage shock treatments followed by 54 grand mal seizures.

He was put inside insulin comas that could last 36 days. During these comas a depatterining tape played over and over, “your mother hates you.”

My relatives saw a rat in a cage with “Ivor Mills” name tagged to it when they stumbled into the wrong room on a visit at the Allan.

I wish I knew the truth about why my father was the crazy guy about town and not treated him so badly.

In 1984, I pushed my mother to apply for my father’s medical records.  One look at my mother’s face when they arrived, was enough for me to not question or open it.  I left it in her hands.  In 1992 my Mum applied for the ex-gratia package which was refused due to my Dad’s death in 1991.    

I only read and started to understand the medical records after my father and mother had died. The pain of all of it was too much for both of them to bear. My father died before I could say I was sorry. 

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