Lana Ponting

“My name is Lana Rose Ponting. I grew up in Ottawa,  Ontario Canada. I went to grade school there. I had a lot of friends and I was very happy until my dad said we were moving to Montreal. I was sad and mad. Dad said he was putting me in the Allan Memorial; they would help me. The first thing I know they gave me a needle as well as pills.”

78 year old survivor of Dr. Ewen Cameron himself, Lana Ponting remembers the horrors she endured at his hands. She cried for 3 days when she read her hospital records.

There are few living survivors left, that is why it is so important to hear from them.  After almost an entire lifetime spent suffering in silence, Lana is eager to tell her story and receive long overdue compensation.

The “treatments” she went through are now identified as human rights abuse, criminal torture and sadism.

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